Pony trekking & riding holidays; PGL residential 7 nights £619 for 7 – 13 year olds | PGL

This is the perfect residential holiday for your pony mad child to learn horse riding skills as well as getting to grips with how to care for the horse. Perfect for those children who have very little experience of riding.The experience includes six half days of equestrian activities and six half days of multi activity. If your child is already confident cantering then the Powys riding holidays are the perfect choice with its six full days of equestrian activities.

The cost is £619 and there are two different age groups: 7 to 10s and 10 to 13s. The holiday runs during the summer months and already there are only a few spaces left on some of the Centre dates. In Shropshire the emphasis is on school-based riding and instruction whilst at the Isle of Wight and Powys there will be off-site trekking. Also available at the Lincolnshire PGL centre.

Pony Trekking Holiday.

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