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Wild swimming family holidays

UNIQUE EXPERIENCE: If you  are looking for a unique family experience then why not book a family wild swimming break. Gone swimming offers adventurous swimming holidays in North Wales. Gan & Gabby have put together an all inclusive three night stay that will immerse you in wild swims plus provide you with the knowledge you need to carry on wild swimming. In addition to the swimming expect to be reading maps, deciding on locations as well as learning how cold water affects both adults and children.

You will stay at the Cwm Pennant Hostel in the Cwm Pennant Valley close to the base of Snowdon. You will have your own bunkroom and there is also a large games room and comfy lounge wth a TV and DVD player for relaxation. The package includes 3 hot meals a day, with the option of kids having dinner earlier with kids and adults menus available.

The price is £350 per person. A range of dates to choose from or bespoke trips can be arranged.

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